Reviews For Factory Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C Providers

Posted on June 18, 2015

If you are trying to find out why you need to unlock iPhone 5C, then this article will not only help you out but also help you in understanding how there are many ways to unlock your phone. Factory Unlocking an iPhone will allow you to use your iPhone with Sim cards of different network carriers, allowing you to use the same iPhone if you want to keep the same favorite iPhone 5C with you while traveling.

There are many methods that one can use for unlocking their 5S iPhone. Although there are more than 5 methods being used to unlock the iPhone, it is usually done either by a software / hardware hack, jailbreaking, factory unlocking, carrier unlocking or other methods. The best way is to use the legal methods of factory iPhone 5C unlocking, either by carrier unlocking or through a third party method.

The most widely used method of jailbreaking is also controversial to use. It cannot enable you to use any network SIM card with your phone. Apple’s iOS 8.3 contains the strong security measure for the prevention of modification or replacement of operating system and installation of apps that are not authorized by Apple. Jailbreaking is the process which removes hardware restrictions on IOS or other apple operating system. This can be done by the use of hardware and software exploits allowing root access to iOS file system and file manager. It makes you able to download extensions, different themes, and yes, you can also download some cool apps to your iPhone too. Actually jailbreaking is privilege escalation which means that you can use the App store, iTunes in addition to other functions with your jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreaking is used to expand the features which are limited by the Apple or App store. But the problem is that the description of any Operating system update would not contain jailbreak information, nor the number of exploits used by jailbreak tool on the previous firmware and once you restore your iPhone with iTunes, it also removes jailbreak. The process is usually:

  1. Back up your iOS device using the latest iTunes version.
  2. Proceed to settings, select cloud then ‘Back up Now’ and press Backup.
  3. Disable your iCloud passcode. Go to settings and disable any passcode you are using.
  4. Enable the airplane mode by swiping the screen to open control panel and press the airplane icon. You may also require iTunes if it is not installed.
  5. Plug in your iPhone to computer and select the “start jailbreak “option and then press “already did “icon when the setup will complete your iPhone will restart. In less than 5 minutes your phone will have Cydia.

The biggest drawback of jailbreaking is that it is illegal in selected countries, but at the same time legal in other countries and it violates the Apple end user license agreement for iPhone iOS 8 firmware.

If you are ready to risk the performance of your iPhone, hardware unlocking is the other method to unlock iPhone 6. For this you can contact with any professional in the market. They usually will take your iPhone 5S and get the new large size SIM card tray from somewhere either from the local market or by importing from outside country. This will be replaced in place of the old one. The official warranty of the iPhone will be completely voided in exchange of unlocking of your iPhone 5C or 5S device. Some professionals use the different software tweaks for unlocking it. These software are installed on your iPhone and are cracked, however it is not reliable for long time as it gets malfunctioned after some time. So it’s better not to use this method for iPhone 5C SIM unlocking.

The most reliable legal method is called factory iPhone unlocking whereas Apple maintains the list of unlocked iPhone’s. Several companies have the license from Apple to issue the unlocking key to the users currently on their network such as AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, or Sprint. To factory unlock your iPhone you may contact the best company with the most reviews which is called Unlock iPhone Den. They will use the IMEI of the iPhone to create the special code which will be then entered into the settings making it officially unlock and the same will be updated in that list held with apple for the unlocked iPhone. This can help you in using the network on your iPhone 5S even if you are traveling to another country. The IMEI number can be easily found on the back cover of your iPhone 5C or 5S. You can also do this online by visiting the online form provide by the network providing company of your choice and requesting the official unlock. For this you would need to enter your status (new or old customer), your wireless contact number, IMEI number, first name, last name, a valid e-mail address, last 4 digits of social security number, any passcode in case you are an old customer and a CAPTCHA code to confirm it is purely a human attempt. This can unlock your iPhone as short as a few hours but most of the service providers claim 05 working days. During this time you can keep on checking your status by checking their website from time to time. Using this source of activation you will receive the confirmation code on the email address you provided in the application form. If it does not appear in the inbox, do check the spam folder to check for these kinds of mails. Most of the unlocking involves the removal of all data to apply the new settings. For this you may create the backup of your important data and once you are fixed with unlocking your iPhone you can use this backup data to restore your important data on your unlocked iPhone. The backup can also be made using the backup function in iTunes. Once you are done with officially unlock iPhone 5C, you can insert your SIM to use with unlocked iPhone 5C.

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How To Unlock A iPhone 6 With No Sim Card

Posted on May 19, 2015

Purchasing an unlocked iPhone is pretty expensive, as you have to pay the entire price upfront. This limits you from using your phone anywhere at any time because your phone is tied to a domestic network. This means that you won’t be able to change your carrier irrespective of your preferences. Many people want to unlock iPhone 6 Plus because of their need to travel. If your phone is locked to any specific carrier, you won’t be able to enjoy local calling rates when you go to another country or state. You have to bear the roaming charges and other additional charges with a locked iPhone.

Setting Up Unlocked iPhone 6 Without Sim Card
passcode iphone 6According to the changes to the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, the carriers should now oblige to the unlocking request from their subscribers. While this is good news for free unlock, there is a catch with this act. The carriers should oblige only when the customer has completed the contract period and is in good standing. Moreover, the carriers only need to unlock when the customer posts an official request. So, if you have taken out a 2 year contract, then you can ask your service provider to unlock the iPhone 6 Plus after two years. The carrier company will then unlock the phone for free.

There is no point in unlocking if you have to wait till the end of the contract period. If you have to travel before the expiry of your contract, then you have to return home to surprising hefty bills from your mobile carrier. Thankfully, it is possible to unlock your iPhone without having to wait for the entire contract period. Even if your iPhone is brand new, you can easily IMEI unlock iPhone 6 to enjoy the true benefits of the phone.

Different types of unlocking methods are now available. If you search for how to unlock iPhone 6 Plus, you will see at least thousands of services claiming to unlock your phone. While some of them will work, it is extremely difficult to pick a reputable company that will unlock your phone without causing any damage. Depending on the type of unlock you choose, you have to be wary of the dangers.

Software unlocking was common a couple of years ago, but it was extremely annoying to say the least. You have to follow a series of steps to unlock the iPhone and at the end, the software won’t work if you upgrade iOS 8.2. Hardware unlocking was promising, but fiddling with the expensive iPhone is the last thing you would want to do. The best method to remove SIM passcode is to use factory unlocking method. Your iPhone’s IMEI number will be added to the white-list of Apple’s database so that your phone will be officially registered as an unlocked phone. This will give you the freedom to choose a cheap carrier and avoid hefty fees charged by greedy service providers selling locked iPhone’s.

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Unlock iPhone 5C- Freedom from Apple Limitations

Posted on May 18, 2014

The iPhone 5C created quite a buzz when it was launched last year. It instantly hit it off with the young crowd who loved the bright colours in which this phone was made available. But, the phone does have the same drawbacks as any other Apple iPhone. You cannot use any SIM card on this iPhone apart from that of the official carrier. This causes a lot of inconvenience especially for people who frequently have to travel abroad for work or pleasure. They either have to carry a new handset or they have to bear with the high international call rates. But, you do not have to do it anymore. You can easily unlock your iPhone 5C and enjoy using your iPhone 5C in any part of the world.

Earlier when it came to iPhone unlocks you only had software unlocks. You would have to spend hours in front of the computer trying to figure out all the steps to unlock your iPhone successfully. And wait, for you to successfully unlock your iPhone you would have to jailbreak it first whether you want it or not. And, all of this trouble would still be worth taking if the solution would be permanent. But, as soon as you would update the firmware or baseband of your iPhone it would get relocked again. But this is not the case with factory unlocking options.

So, what is that we mean by factory unlocking your iPhone 5C? A factory unlock is that unlocking option that frees you from the network related limitations without having to go through all the hassles of a software unlock. All you need to do is find a reliable factory unlocking service. You provide the IMEI number of your iPhone 5C and the rest is taken care of. Most of these unlocking services provide you with unlock in less than 48 hours. So, your job involves finding the right unlocking service to Unlock iPhone 5c.

You will see life getting simpler once you successfully Unlock iPhone 5c. For instance, when you travel abroad you can carry your iPhone 5C without worrying. Once you reach your destination you can change the SIM card of your iPhone as per your wish. You can purchase a local SIM card and use your phone at local rates. It can save hundreds of dollars for you especially if your stay abroad is a long one. Other benefits include being able to use the internet at a cheaper rate. Official carriers are also known for having high data charges.

It is impossible to imagine our day to day life without having the access to mobile internet. Unlocking the iPhone 5C will just make that easier for you because you would not have to worry about high internet bills on your iPhone 5C; something that is common when you have not unlocked your iPhone and are still subscribed to the official carrier. Just make sure you find the right unlocking service for your iPhone 5C. You can visit review websites or go by word of mouth to choose the ideal factory unlock for your iPhone 5C.

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Safely Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C Using Factory IMEI Unlocking

Posted on January 16, 2014

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 5S, you are undoubtedly using the best smartphone of the world and interested in unlocking iPhone 5s. Not only is this device miles ahead of the competition, it also works as a status symbol. One of the most distinctive features of the phone is its touch ID scanner that allows you to keep your device from being used by another other person. Despite the phone being loaded with features, the users quickly realize that they are being charged for talking and roaming more than the users of other smartphones.

If paying inflated monthly bills is not a big problem in itself there is also the usual problem of restrictions on downloading programs from sources other than the app store designed by Apple. The cumulative effect of these problems is seen in unlock iPhone 5S that helps owners in getting rid of all restrictions imposed by the company. There are of course the customary benefits in terms of lower call rates and roaming fees.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C Devices?

Unlock iPhone 5S has become a rage across the world among the owners of this smartphone. But very few of these customers know exactly what goes into the unlocking procedure and how is it done. However, this does not pose a problem as most of the owners attempt unlocking with the help of professionals having a deep knowledge of the working principle of the iOS. There are of course the unfortunate few who brought damage to the software to their devices as they made an error while following the instructions of a free tool from the internet. If you do not know how to unlock Phone 5S, it is prudent to get it done from a specialist rather than trying it on your own.

Basically, unlocking your iPhone 5S requires making slight changes in the operating system of the device so as to force it to accept these changes. This is done not manually but by making use of special software. But if you are not sure that you can handle the requirements, you must not attempt the procedure. Unlocking has been popular among the hackers and developers since the launch of the first iPhone. This was a procedure that allowed these experts to get down to the core of the OS, thereby exposing its vulnerabilities. However, unlocking of the iPhones also helped developers to come up with exciting new apps for iPhones. But the real benefit of unlocking accrues to common iPhone owners as they get the freedom to make use of the SIM card of the carrier that charges low call rates.

How To Unlock iPhone 5S Safely

Unlock iPhone 5S is not all about monetary benefits as all those who have already got it tell excitedly. If you have earlier owned an Android based smartphone, you know how frustrating it becomes when you buy a locked iPhone 5S. This is because Apple does not allow its customers to download anything from anywhere except its app store. Of course there are more than a hundred thousand apps that more than an average user would ever need. But Apple charges fees for most of the apps that hurts customers as they find the same apps available for free for Android phone users on the internet. The only way you can download videos and other items from the internet is after you unlock the iPhone 5S. This is also possible after you jailbreak iPhone 5S which is your first step towards absolute freedom from the restrictions imposed by the company.

There is this grouse of the users of iPhone that their devices look very dull in front of Android smartphones. This is because they are not allowed by the company to download and install themes and wallpapers from outside the app store. Unlocking iPhone 5S allows you to download a theme that you love for the home screen. This makes it possible to customize the device and make it reflect your personality and taste.

There are many ways to unlock iPhone 5S despite the fact that there has been no breakthrough so far on this front coming out from the community of hackers and developers around the world. The most popular of these are the third party solutions available on the internet. There are also many free tools for the purpose available on the internet. The following is a step by step guide to help you in unlocking iPhone 5C cell phones.

  • Step 1: Visit unlock iphone 5s to get down to the most reliable ad effective tool to unlock you iPhone 5S
  • Step 2: Place the downloaded files after unzipping in a folder on desktop
  • Step 3: Do not forget to make a back up copy of the content
  • Step 4: Connect the phone with the computer in a DFU mode
  • Step 5: Click on Start inside the software
  • Step 6: Let it unlock the phone and complete the command prompts
  • Step 7: Get inside settings and add as a resource
  • Step 8: Disconnect the phone and insert the SIM of your choice
  • Step 9: Wait for some time as the software completes the process
  • Step 10: Check if Cydia has been installed on the home screen
  • Step 11: Look for the signals of the new carrier
  • Step 12: Your phone is unlocked if you are able to make a call

Safe Methods For iPhone Unlocking

There are so many benefits of unlocking that it is really surprising that most of the customers frantically search for free tools to unlock iPhone 5S. In fact, there is no way to authenticate these tools and websites. Many iPhone owners have brought harm to their devices and Apple does not give a damn to such people. If you are desirous of a safe and efficient unlocking, it is better to wait and search the most reliable and reputable company to do the job for you. You can take help of forums dedicated to unlocking on the internet and also read the testimonials of satisfied customers on the websites of companies providing tools for unlocking.

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